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Have you ever wanted to write a book but felt you just didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you have written a journal or manuscript but you don’t know what to do next. Maybe you’ve wondered, “Whom do I talk to,” or “Doesn’t it cost a lot to publish a book?” The answer can be found in a thousand different places on the Web, but how do you know whom to believe?

Williams Savage Books has self-published two books for just the price of the book (about $4 per copy), and we didn’t have to buy hundreds of books at a time or pay large amounts of money to get it done. We want to share our experience about not only writing a book, but how we successfully published and marketed our books.

Read, By The Book: Low-Cost and No-Cost Publishing here.

Williams Savage Books publications:
Growing Up Country, Ward Family MemoriesCover photo only Postcard 6-18-13By, Annette Savage Williams   

“Growing Up Country” tells the story of the Ward Family’s rural way of life in the 1900s. Parents Jasper Grigg (J.G.) Ward and Ruby Milton Ward, with their 11 children, maintain a positive attitude through the Depression and World War II, in the face of loss, grief and change.

Breaking The Chains Of The Occult And Pharmakeia

By, Dewayne and Annette Williams

As Christians, we are all in a spiritual battle, but we are not all equipped to fight and win. It is essential that we know the tactics of the enemy – Satan (1 Peter 5:8). This book is written as a reference tool,offering a look at Occult practices from a biblical perspective. Read more…

Up In The Holler, Memories Of A Coal Camp Kid
by, Darrell Wilcox and Annette Williams

Folks from the holler have a saying: “We were all poor, but we just didn’t know it.” We made things from scratch  and lived the best we could because we didn’t know any better and we had no choice. We do things so fast today, but it was a different world I was raised in. Join me in a look back at my childhood in a West Virginia coal camp and the adventures of a lifetime.
Read more…


Read more…

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Thank you for your support.
Dewayne and Annette Williams
By williamssavagebooks

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