Breaking The Chains of The Occult And Pharmakeia

"Breaking the Chains of Occult and Pharmakeia 
(Modern Medical Practices)" by Dewayne and Annette Williams.

Review: Very good and important topic, good reference guide. Nancy

See Michael  Mulligan blog October 7, 2011.  Here

As Christians, we are all in a spiritual battle, but we are not all equipped to fight and win. It is essential that we know the tactics of the enemy – Satan (1 Peter 5:8). This book is written as a reference tool, offering a look at Occult practices from a biblical perspective. In three sections we compare false beliefs against the truth of God’s word; investigate modern medical practices – Pharmakeia; and provide a detailed list of Occult religions and belief systems.

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We believe that many will be set free as they read and learn how to defeat the enemy!

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