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‘Love In Deed’

“Love In Deed” is a sweet and clean romance, with themes of love and loss, conflict, faith, family and, ultimately, forgiveness.

Abbie Chase is sure her shy boyfriend, Dan Stephens, is about to propose marriage. Instead, they’re forced apart by an ultimatum issued by Dan’s father. When an ill-considered deed brings them face to face again, Dan’s matchmaking cousin urges them to make the most of the situation.

As a marketing writer in Orlando, Florida, Abbie finds it easy to avoid Dan, who is a construction worker in San Diego, California. But the fact that he’s out of sight doesn’t keep thoughts of him out of her mind. The unwanted attention of a new graphics designer in her office compels her to resurrect her relationship with Dan — at least on paper — to keep her coworker at arm’s length.

Even though Dan feels he has no choice but to break up with the girl of his dreams, he never stops loving Abbie. When he inadvertently learns about her fake-boyfriend ruse, he volunteers to step into the role of the man who loves her, hoping the pretense will one day become a reality.

About the Author

Annette Savage Williams is no stranger to the literary world. She has worked in the realm of publishing in her small San Diego County hometown for more than 14 years, earning numerous writing awards in San Diego Press Club’s Excellence in Journalism competitions. She has self-published three nonfiction books and has edited novels and nonfiction books for a number of San Diego County-based writers.

Ramona Home Journal article here.

Buy Love In Deed, here.

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